Discount Card

MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre offers more than 100 discount schemes at the shops, leisure and services providers!

Rules for issuing the MEGA Discount Card:

  1. All customers who purchase goods at the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre and collect receipts amounting to EUR 30 in value are eligible to receive a MEGA Discount Card.
  2. Customers must contact the Information Centre of the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre and fill in a registration form. You must show identification; the card will be issued immediately.

 Replacing your MEGA Discount Card:

  1. In order to replace your MEGA Discount Card, customers must contact the Information Centre of the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre and produce their old MEGA Discount Card;
  2. MEGA Discount Card will be issued immediately after filling in the registration form.

Rules for using your MEGA Discount Card:

  1. MEGA Discount Card is valid only for shops, leisure and services outlets of the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre. The card must be produced before making payment.
  2. Discounts cannot be accumulated and will not be valid for discounted or other promotional goods and services.
  3. Discounts cannot be used on the following goods: alcohol, tobacco products, reimbursed medicinal products, goods that are ordered, business and day lunches.
  4. Information about discounts using the MEGA Discount Card is available at
  5. The MEGA Discount Card can only be used by the card holder. Employees of the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre may ask the  cardholder for proof of identity.
  6. Unauthorised use of the card is a criminal offence.
  7. The organisers reserve the right to change the rules for the use of the MEGA Discount Card and discount schemes and agree to inform users of any changes on the website

Attention! All MEGA Discount Cards are valid irrespective of the expiry date indicated on the card! After their expiry date MEGA Discount Cards are deemed to be still valid until such time as a separate notification is sent regarding their date of expiry.

Discount Search


Aromáma 5% for the group of essential oils
Cascada 7%
InHair 10%
Krispo 5 % – on the whole assortment, 10 % – buying at 50€ and more, 5 % – for books.
Vitrina Pro 5%


Case4you 10%
Mobili prekyba 10% - for telephone accessories*. (* Discount does not apply to original Apple products, smart watches and wireless headphones)
Mobilus centras 10% for telephone accessories.


Atlantic 5%
Betty Barclay 5%
Chic 5%
City Jeans 5%
Cream Fashion 3%
Esprit 3%
Gerry Weber 3%
Hiatus 4%
Jack&Jones 5%
OneDress 5%
Pierre Cardin 10%
Prime 5%
Regatta Great Outdoors 10% (discount also applies to discounted goods)
Silver Fox 5%
Skinija 5%
Takko fashion 5%
Triumph 5%
U.S Polo Assn 10%
United Colors Of Benetton 5% for a new collection
Utenos 5% for the seasonal collection
Waggon Paris 7% for clothing and footwear, 5% for home fragrances
Yamamay 7%


Alkava 5%
Bottlery 5% - for food
15% - for water VITTEL, PERRIER
Candy Pop 5%
Itališko skonio gurmanai 7%
Meat Point 7%
RIMI 10% for „Rimi“ brand products and „Selection by Rimi“ brand products.
The discount does not apply to promotional items and „Rimi Basic“ items.
Rūta 5%
Siūrio Džiugas namai 10% for coffee and tea
5% for cheese
5% for ice cream
5% for gourmet goods
5% for kibins and cakes
5% for confectionery
Steak Supply 5%
Sucre 5%


A&G 5%
Alfa Ricco 10%
Alikante 10%
Crocs 30% for accessories and care products
Danija 5% for footwear and bags (Discount does not apply to discounted goods)
Geox 5%
NS King 10% for footwear, care products and bags (Discount does not apply to discounted goods)
Persicco 5%
Rieker 5%
Salamander 5%
Scalini 10%
Žygio batai 5%


Aukso gija Additional 5% discount from all discounts in store. Discounts do not apply to custom and nominal products.
Bellisimo 40%
Centesima 40%
Fashion Zone 5%
Kamėja 35% - for silver products, 33% - for gold products.
Katės galerija 20%
Laikrodžių Stilius 10%
Mados prieskoniai 10%
Mari Made 5%
Verona 40%


Alan Deko 3%
Andėja 5%
Carreblanc 5%
Iittala 7%
Imdeco 10%
Kurima 5%
Lonas 3% for mattresses and beds
5% for LonasHome production
Metalo amžius 10%


Hobbyshop 7%
Oxox 7%
XS Žaislai 5%


Curiocity - kids edutainment center 5% for weekday visits
Gera dovana 3 % (Discount does not apply to the stores‘ gift vouchers).
Harmony Park 10% for visits to the water and sauna area
10% for spa treatments (does not apply to facial treatments) 10% for spa drinks
10% for hotel or villa accommodation
10% for restaurant services (excluding alcoholic beverages) 10% for stud services
10% for active leisure entertainment
Strike House 10% for all services
VS-Fitness sports and wellness center 5% for all sports club memberships. (Discount does not apply to E-invoice for annual contracts)


Optometrijos centras 15% for eyeglass frames and sunglasses

Partners discounts

Degalinės „123" Kaune

for fuel 2.9 € ct / l


Bajorų kiemas 10% for food
CanCan Pizza 10%
Čili pica 10%
Green Café 10%
Manami 15%
Manhattan ice dream 20% for coffee drinks and MANHATTAN ice cream cocktails
Skonis 15% (It does not apply to discounted purchases and alcoholic drinks).
Vero Cafe 10% for coffee and coffee drinks


Bitė ryšio paslaugos 15% for cases, screen protectors, headphones, speakers, memory cards, holders, chargers, cables.
Kompiuterių ir mobilių telefonų servisas 10% - services
Linos artelė 10%
Švaros namai PAULINI 30% - dry cleaning for knitted clothing
Pro nail studio 5% - for foot, hand and nail care products, manicure tool (discounts do not apply to services and procedures).
Salon+ 10% for cosmetics 10% for all services
5% for SAMSUNG screen replacement
Solè 10%


Aistra 10%
Brain Games 7%
Charlot 5%
Dovanų Šalis 10% (discount does not apply to ZIPPO lighters and gift cards)
Kika 5%
Maistas sportui 20% for sports gloves
15% for blender bottles
Pin pin 5% for all good except pyrotechnics
Skonis ir kvapas Arbata 5%
Šonetė 7%
Sveikatinė 5%


Hummel 5%
Rovana 5%
Sportland 8%
Surfwax 5% for casual wear
Winner Sport 10%


  • Doors, timber, stairs
  • Small/large size sanitarywear
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Plumbing
  • Car accessories
  • Mixer taps and bathroom accessories
  • Fireplaces and saunas
  • Hand and power tools
  • Welding equipment
  • Hinges, locks, safes
  • Plaster, primers, glue, painting tools
  • Paints, varnishes, wood impregnators
  • Paints, varnishes, curtain poles
  • Carpets, vinyl flooring
  • Parquet, laminate, parquet flooring boards
  • Tiles, interior cladding, ceiling, decorative wall finishing
  • Electric supplies
  • Lighting
  • Furniture fittings, sheet materials and panels
  • Networks and commercial furniture
  • Fittings
  • Garden tools and equipment
  • Plants and pest control
  • Kitchen utensils, tableware, bedding
  • Home cleaning and care, homeware
  • Stationery goods and office furniture
  • Toys, sports and leisure goods