The MEGA Aquarium houses more than 30 different species of tropical fish from the Atlantic, Indian and the Pacific Oceans, and the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas. The corals in the aquarium came from South Africa. The aquarium is home to six sharks from the Caribbean Sea; the sharks can grow to up to 2 m in length.

French angelfish

Pomacanthus paru

Sohal surgeonfish

Acanthurus sohal

Palette surgeonfish

Paracanthurus hepatus

Yellowbar angelfish

Pomacanthus maculosus

Orangespine unicornfish

Naso lituratus

Yellow tang

Zebrasoma flavescens

Indian sail-fin surgeonfish

Zebrasoma desjardinii

Yellowtail tang

Zebrasoma xanthurum

Pennant coralfish

Heniochus acuminatus

Common bluestripe snapper

Lutjanus kasmira

Moon wrasse

Thalassoma lunare

Clown triggerfish

Balistoides conspicillum

An oval plataksas

Platax orbicularis

Red-toothed triggerfish

Odonus niger


Anisotremus virginicus

Redbelly yellowtail fusilier

Caesio cuning


Siganus vulpinus

Goldlined spinefoot

Siganus guttatus

Masked spinefoot

Siganus puellus

Barred spinefoot

Siganus doliatus

Pinktail triggerfish

Melichthys vidua

Longspined porcupinefish

Diodon holocanthus

Bignose unicornfish

Naso vlamingii

Orangespot surgeonfish

Acanthurus olivaceus

Indian triggerfish

Melichthys indicus

Sixbar wrasse

Thalassoma hardwicke

Racoon butterflyfish

Chaetodon lunula

Magnificent rabbitfish

Siganus magnificus

Gray Angel

Pomacanthus arcuatus

Red Sea bannerfish

Heniochus intermedius

Threadfin butterflyfish

Chaetodon auriga

White-banded triggerfish

Rhinecanthus aculeatus

Spotted unicornfish

Naso brevirostris

Bowtie damselfish

Neoglyphidodon melas