From September, the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre MEGA (Islandijos pl. 32, Kaunas) will continue its special hands-on educational programmes for pupils called “Secrets of the MEGA Aquarium” and will also offer fact-filled full of fun educational tours for primary school pupils.

Programme period

  • 19 January – 25 May 2017

Aims of the programme

  • To encourage the interest of pupils in nature, the underwater world, marine fish varieties and how they adapt to their environment and problems they can face.
  • To develop pupils’ ability to observe, learn, understand, summarise and apply knowledge. 
  • To develop curiosity and awareness of the surrounding world, to instil love and respect for life and its various forms.
  • To expand children’s horizons and show them the natural beauty of the world in addition to the world of technology.

Hands-on educational programmes

  • Educational programmes must be booked in advance at the Information Centre of the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre.

          or by telephone 8 37 239 000.

  • Reservations can be made for pupils of forms 1–5 (recommended maximum number of a group is 20 children together with 2 accompanying teachers).
  • Hand-on educational programmes are held every Thursday 11.00*
  • Duration – about 20 min.
  • Cost – free. 
  • Travel costs to the MEGA shopping and Leisure centre are not covered.


  • Meeting the staff of the MEGA Aquarium, presentation of the programme;
  • Introduction to the origin of the earth, its structure and form;
  • Learn about the diversity of marine flora and fauna and their distribution;
  • Ecological groups and niches of fish using examples of the fish in the aquarium;
  • Firsthand facts about the installation of the marine aquarium;
  • Information about viewing the aquarium from above and feeding the fish;
  • Incredible facts about sharks, types of attacks, causes and prevention;
  • Maintenance of the aquarium, technical premises, differences between marine and freshwater aquarium, hospital for fish and inspection of the diving equipment;
  • Installing an aquarium at home, suitable types of fish, their living conditions and nutrition;
  • Commemorative gifts from the Shopping and Leisure Centre MEGA. 

*For more information on tours and times please call 8 37 239 000.