About the MEGA Aquarium

Located at the main entrance to the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre, the marine aquarium immediately catches visitors’ eyes. This is the largest and the tallest aquarium in the Baltic states! The aquarium even has an entry in the Lithuanian book of records as Lithuania's tallest aquarium. It is also among the top ten tallest aquariums in the world.

The aquarium is 10 m high, 4 m wide, and 11 m long and holds 170,000 litres of water. It took three months to install it and this was carried out by professionals from the US, Australia, South Africa and Lithuania. A total of 90 tonnes of acrylic sheets were used for the walls. In some parts of the aquarium the walls are 30 cm thick. The load-bearing metal structure is made from 20 tonnes of stainless steel.

The average temperature of the water in the aquarium is +25°C. The water circulates at a speed of 90 l/s. and has more than 10 tonnes of salt dissolved in it. The water quality and temperature are monitored using computer systems. In addition, the technical premises of the aquarium have a quarantine system which is used to help new fish adapt to their new environment and for fish health management.

There are over 30 different tropical species of fish in the aquarium; they include fish from the Atlantic, Indian and the Pacific Oceans, and the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas. The corals in the aquarium came from South Africa. The aquarium is home to six sharks from the Caribbean Sea; the sharks can grow to up to 2 m in length.

A professional team of divers and biologists feed and take care of the sharks and other fish in the aquarium.

Feeding times:
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – 17.00,
Saturday – 13.00.

Do not miss out on seeing this for yourself!