Orangespine unicornfish

Naso lituratus
  • Class:
    Ray-finned fishes (Lat. Actinopterygii)
  • Order:
    Perch-likes (Lat. Perciformes)
  • Family:
    Surgeonfish (Lat. Acanthuridae)
  • Maximum size:
    46 cm SL
  • Habitat:
    Reef-associated; marine; depth range 0–90 m.
  • Climate:
    Tropical; 24˚C–26˚C, 30˚N–23˚S; 35˚N–30˚S
  • Distribution:
    Pacific Ocean: Honshu, Japan south to the Great Barrier Reef and New Caledonia and east to the Oceania to the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Biology:
    Found in areas of coral, rock, or rubble of lagoon and seaward reefs. Feed mainly on leafy brown algae (Sargassum ir Dictyota). Sometimes in large aggregations.