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It is said- a third part of lives we spend in being asleep. But the reality is we spend much more time in our bedroom.

Bedroom is not only a place to sleep, but a relaxation zone as well. It should be comfortable and cosy. When we are rested and full of energy first thing in the morning leaving our bedroom this energy echoes through the rest of our day. UAB Andeja is looking after the quality and comfort of your relaxation. 

Affordable luxury! In our Salon you will find a range of products to suit any budget. 

Large choice of luxurious linen will fulfill even extraordinary taste. You can find natural, synthetic and man made fillings for your bedding. Egyptian cotton or silk, satin or brokat- linen type is up to you 
And don’t forget bed throws, velour deluxe dressing gowns, towels of a highest quality cotton… 

Of course- do not forget candles, candle stands, picture frames, wall mounted clocks- countless accessories to make your bedroom more intimate! 

There as so many things, it is difficult to list them all. We will kindly wait you visiting us!