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"Itališko skonio gurmanai" - experts in olive oil, in Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle of local population
Products and their producers, which make up the assortment of Itališko skonio gurmanai, have bee chosen not in a random manner, but consistently and with all responsibility.

Taking into account the recommendations of local population, their opinions and advice, we collected information about high quality products and the most reliable manufacturers on the market.

We visited many regions of Italy, traveled through a single farm and participated in the creation of products. We brought to Lithuania more than 20 different manufacturers from many regions of Italy. They are different, and at the same time, very close in the formation of the assortment for the convenience of our customers. For our producers, useing old traditions and quality of products are very important. All selected producers own small companies and use old recipes, which pass from generation to generation, to create their products. This is their formula for success.

We brought high quality products, which have been repeatedly noted on the world market.