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iDeal is an Apple Authorized Reseller in Lithuania. Visit the iDeal stores where you can try out and purchase virtually any existing Apple product. Our professional and friendly sales assistants will be delighted to help you in choosing the most suitable products depending on your needs and preferences.

We have been an Apple Authorized Reseller in Lithuania since 1994 when this trademark was known only to publishing and graphic designers and some IT specialists. And yet, we have always believed that one day Apple would be a great success due to the quality, application possibilities, innovative design, endless technological potential and wide-ranging appeal that all the Apple products have.  

The Apple product family continues to grow and advance. Today it is much more consumer oriented and therefore much more popular that it was several decades ago. This is one of the reasons why in 2007 the first specialized Apple product store, iDeal, opened its doors to the general public in Lithuania.  iDeal is an Apple Premium Reseller which is an obligation to our team to provide only premium quality services and exceed the expectations of every customer. This is why all iDeal staff regularly refresh their knowledge and improve their skills at official Apple trainings. Our achievements have been acknowledged by reward of the highest rank of Apple Sales Professional.