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Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Diagnosing within 1-3 days, if the failure is a non-standard testing may take a little longer.


Motherboards repair

We repair main boards from the smallest to the most complex.

Such works extremely meticulous and requires the highest mastership.


Laptop screen replacement

We are changing all types of LCD.

We can offer the best solution, because we have a large selection of a screens.


Operating system installation

Before starting the installation work we carry out a full free computer diagnostics!

Install operating systems and their updates, software packages and anti-virus programs.

We can save the data.

We recover the operating system when the computer does not start due to a system error.

We use only legal programs.

For client applications and files legality of computers or their carriers we are not responsible.


Computer spam and virus removal

Professionally clean your computer from virus and offer reliable protection.


CPU fan cleaning and replacement of thermal paste

One of the most frequent computer crashes his overheating. We perform cpu fan cleaning and changing thermo paste.


GPS navigators maps update

Updating all types of navigation maps.


Mobile phone and tablet computer repair

Software failures (the renewal, restoration);

Mechanical damage (changing screens, microphones, speakers, enclosures, etc., etc.);

Communication disorders;

Other faults;