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The first Cinamon cinema opened its doors at the end of 2005 in the Mega shopping and leisure centre in Kaunas. Today, Cinamon cinema centres are also located in Riga, Latvia and Tartu, Estonia. Cinamon offers the finest in customer service and the latest Lithuanian and international movies. Cinamon keeps in mind those who enjoy art house films, offering far more than the typical Hollywood movie repertoire. At the Cinamon Centre, we often organize various promotional campaigns and games. Visit and there’s a chance you’ll win great prizes and gifts. You can also take advantage of many terrific offers.

Cinamon – more than just a cinema!

CONVENIENT: You’ll find everything you need in one place – movie tickets, drinks, snacks, etc. Tickets can also be purchased on-line.

ENTERTAINMENT: Have fun in our Playxone gaming zone where there’s a game for everyone.

LOYALTY CARD: Our Cinema Fan card qualifies you for special discounts and privileges.

COMFORT: Cinamon cinema centres are outfitted with comfortable and modern chairs as well as the latest audio and video equipment, which guarantees a high-quality movie viewing experience.

3D MOVIES AT CINAMON: Cinamon chose the Dolby 3D Digital system for its 3D movies. In order to ensure an extra high resolution for 3D movies, the standard matte movie theatre screen was altered to absorb less light. The screen surface is covered with a glossy film that reflects light back into the auditorium and creates a wider field of vision for 3D effects, producing a brighter image and sharper special effects. Viewing a movie projected on this special screen is also less tiring on the eyes. The provided Dolby 3D glasses have been improved. They’re extremely lightweight and comfortably rest on your nose.