Pinktail triggerfish

Melichthys vidua
  • Class:
    Ray-finned fishes (Lat. Actinopterygii)
  • Order:
    Puffers and filefishes (Lat. Tetraodontiformes)
  • Family:
    Triggerfishes (Lat. Balistidae)
  • Maximum size:
    40 cm TL
  • Habitat:
    Reef-associated; marine; depth range 4–60 m;
  • Climate:
    Tropical; 24˚C–28˚C, 32˚N–24˚S
  • Distribution:
    Indo-Pacific: East Africa south to Durban, South Africa and east to the Hawaiian, Marquesan and Tuamoto islands, north to southern Japan, south to the southern Great Barrier Reef in Australia and New Caledonia.