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BRANDWATCH is a network of stores offering the world’s most popular watches and featuring the latest trends and styles. Our range of timepieces includes not only such classics as Jacques Lemans, Swiss Military, Timex but also latest collections from such trend-setting brands as Hugo Boss, GUESS and Calvin Klein. 

What does the name BRANDWATCH stand for?

In English, ‘brandwatch’ means an original watch. The name reflects the fact that our company directly represents world-renowned producers and only sells their original products. 


BRANDWATCH (Topus Mobile, UAB) was founded in 2006, a time when there was a very limited supply of similar products in the Baltic countries. For this reason, a decision was made to introduce world-renowned brands that were little known in Lithuania.

BRANDWATCH mission, vision, values and goals:

Our goal is to offer our customers high-quality, unique and latest products at attractive prices as well as premium customer service. Thus we will be more than happy to:

  • Offer you advice;
  • Offer you exclusive and unique designs;
  • Receive positive feedback;
  • Receive your comments regarding our services so that we can improve and serve you even better!

​Best regards, BRANDWATCH team