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„Even the most refined attire needs at least a drop of perfume. It is this which adds a sense of perfection, and gives a certain amount of charm and allure”, - said Yves Saint Laurent.

Fragrances can bring back  memories, create emotions and can charm and seduce at the same time. Fragrance is like the identification card of the person.

We are proud of having the oppurtunity to offer our clients the possibility to choose the scent that not only helps to reveal his individuality, unique style but also teaches how to impress and seduce trough the power of perfume.

Parfum Express range includes popular perfumes, also scented body care products and professional hair care products.

Perfumes can also be purchased in the Parfum Express online shop at

A range of offered products online is as wide as in any shop. Alongside sales promotions in our shops additional sales promotions are offered online.