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Your gift card balance


Reusable MEGA Gift Card - Flexible for all needs!

MEGA Gift Card - can be spent at any retailer within the shopping centre that accepts bank card payments. It‘s much more flexible than traditional Gift Vouchers as they may be used many times and at different retailers until the amount loaded onto the card has been exhausted.

MEGA gift card can be spent at more than 200 shops, entertainment venues, cafes and restaurants.

MEGA Gift Card Therms and Conditions

  1. You can purchase MEGA gift card at the Information Centre of the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre.
  2. MEGA Gift Card – can be spent at any shops, restaurants and entertainment places within the shopping centre that accepts “MasterCard“, with a few exceptions: Avalynės taisykla / Bottlery / Creme de la Crème / DPD – savitarnos terminalas  / Cup Cake / Ecodūmas /  / General Financing / Gjensidige / Itella - siuntų terminalas / Laikrodžių taisykla / Lietuvos draudimas / Lietuvos Paštas /  LP EXPRESS - savitarnos terminalas / LP Express  / IQOS / SEB bankas / Senukų raktų gamyba / / Skonis ir kvapas. Tabakas / Swedbank / Tele2 / Telia / Vynoteka.

    We would like to inform you that due to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania on November 4, 2020. At present, it is temporarily not possible to pay with a MEGA gift card in some restaurants and entertainment establishments. We will provide you with more detailed information at the PLC MEGA information center.​                 
  3. MEGA Gift Card‘s denominations can be choosen from 10 to 150 EUR, increasing by 5 EUR. (e.g.: 10€; 15€; 20€; 25€….…135€; 140€; 145€ ir 150€.).
  4. Payment for MEGA Gift Card can be made in cash or card (except American Express, UnionPay ir JCB).
  5. Up to 2 MEGA Gift Cards can be purchased at one time and no more than a total over 150 EUR.
  6. When purchasing MEGA Gift Card the VAT invoice is not issued.
  7. MEGA Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  8. MEGA Gift Card is only valid when signed.
  9. You can settle MEGA Gift Card by swiping the card through a bank card reader and proof payment by signing on a receipt.
  10. MEGA Gift Card can not be returned or changed into cash.
  11. MEGA Gift Card can not be replenished. This is a one-time card.
  12. Lost or stolen MEGA Gift Card is not refundable. For more info on how to act in case your Gift card is lost please look at detailed rules and conditions provided below.
  13. You can not pay with MEGA Gift Card for the tobacco, alcohol products, gambling services or purchase new gift card.
  14. If the value of the goods is higher than the MEGA Gift Card balance, the missing amount can be paid by cash, credit or debit card if the store offers such a possibility.
  15.  The balance of MEGA Gift Card can be checked:, the Information Centre of the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre MEGA information stand and at any ATM which accepts “MasterCard” for the price specified in the service price list. Insert the card and enter the PIN – 1234.




Price EUR, pcs.


MEGA Gift Card extension or replacement to new one

1,4 €

Paid in PLC MEGA Information Center.

Gift card transaction statement

3 €

Paid in PLC MEGA Information Center.

Checking the cash balance at ATM

0,75 €

Counted from the balance of the Gift Card.

Exclusive design envelope

1 €

Paid in PLC MEGA Information Center.



For more information, please contact us tel. (+370) 37 239000 or at the Information Centre of the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre (Islandijos pl. 32, Kaunas). Information center working hours I-VII 8.00-21.00

IMPORTANT! By purchasing MEGOS Gift Card, you confirm that you have read and agree to the MEGA Gift Card Rules and commit to complying with them.