Longspined porcupinefish

Diodon holocanthus
  • Class:
    Ray-finned fishes (Lat. Actinopterygii)
  • Order:
    Puffers and filefishes (Lat. Tetraodontiformes)
  • Family:
    Porcupinefishes (Lat. Diodontidae)
  • Maximum size:
    50 cm TL
  • Habitat:
    Reef-associated; marine; depth range 2–200 m.
  • Climate:
    Subtropical; 37˚N–39˚S, 8˚E–55˚W
  • Distribution:
    Western Atlantic: Canada, Florida, USA and the Bahamas to Brazil. Eastern Atlantic: 30°N–23°S; also South Africa. Western Indian Ocean: southern Red Sea to Madagascar. Pacific Ocean: southern Japan south to Lord Howe Island and east to the Hawaiian.